About Forest School

Lanlivery Forest School

Cheryl Turner - Level 3 Forest School Leader


Lanlivery’s Forest school activities take place in 1 acre of woodland directly bordering the school grounds. With an abundance of natural resources, a forest cabin, fire pit, vegetable patch, poly tunnel and many other natural facilities including pets, we are able to offer all children an educational package incorporating curriculum as well as practical environmental skills.

At Lanlivery, every child has a session a week in the forest with the activities planned and designed around classroom topics or curriculum subjects, mixing the practical skills and environmental learning together. Concepts and understanding can be achieved through play and activities regardless of academic ability.

With 6 years forest experience, I can offer tailor made packages to suit and encourage all children, giving them fulfilling experiences, taking them back to nature to learn to take risks, move out of comfort zones and to find out more about their own abilities in different situations. This in turn gains them confidence, courage, self esteem and self worth to take back to the classroom impacting on all their areas of learning.

 At the very least they have a great time; at the very best they learn and grow.

Forest School has been instrumental in re-structuring behaviour problems in many pupils. Each child’s needs can be met and addressed through outdoor activity, giving them new focus and freedom, trusting them to take care of themselves and others.